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It wool

The entire outside and lining of the slipper is made of undyed sheep's wool. Naturally sourced from Greek sheep.

The pompom

The pompom is a mix of woolen and acrylic yarns. The beige yarns come from Greece and the colored ones from Italy. Our workshop in the Peloponnese has developed its own way of making the pompoms, their secret recipe!


The same and yet very different. You might think, hey, I know him from my holiday on one of those beautiful Greek islands. Julia and Denise also fell for this tourist Greek slipper and gave it their own twist. First of all, she made the slipper from 100% sheep's wool, the pompom became a lot bigger and they brought back the original decorations on the slipper. An ode to Greek craftsmanship!

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The patterns

The decorations on the side of the woolen slippers from GIVE A PON are hand-embroidered by Greek women. They do the embroidery from home. In the garden, on the couch, at a time that suits them.


The triangular colored edges are characteristic of the Greek slipper. These are made of nylon thread. This is a strong yarn that is needed to firmly connect the wool sides to the leather sole.

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