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The women of

Give a pound

Julia and Denise fell in love with the folklore slipper with a colorful pompom in Greece. A series of visits to the Greek Peloponnese followed. GIVE A PON brought back the original stitching patterns on the slippers, put together their own color combinations and wrapped the foot with one hundred percent sheep's wool.

Denise Huntink (1992) and Julia Brants (1974) traveled separately to Greece and both discovered the cheerful Greek slippers there. Each with their own expertise: Julia as a graphic designer, with an eye for trends. Denise with her Greek roots, whose warmth and stubborn attitude to life she brought to the Netherlands.

Greek slippers griekse sloffen
Greek slippers griekse sloffen
Embroidery of the Athina slipper

Greek craft & tradition special
for us

Craft and tradition

especially for give a pon

They gave the slippers their own twist with the color designs from the GIVE A PON studio in The Hague. But of course the lining work is done in Greece: the products are made by hand in a workshop on the Peloponnese.

We think it is important that all materials come from Greece and that the slippers are made by local craftsmen. We have good personal contact with the makers and visit them regularly to closely follow the entire process - from shoe to shoe.

Greek history
of the slipper


The history of the slippers

The slippers were originally inspired by the Tsarouchia: the traditional leather shoes with a woolen pompom on the tip. In ancient times, these shoes were worn by the freedom fighters in the Greek war of independence. The sturdy leather protected their feet from the hard rocky ground and the wool pompom cleverly sealed the tip against incoming moisture.

The Tsarouchia are still worn with pride by the presidential guard in Athens: the Evzons. Being a member of the Presidential Guard is a great honor.

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